You Asked, We Answered

Q: Why should I buy liquid extracts as opposed to other popular mushroom products like capsules or powders?

A: Mushroom cells are surrounded by a substance called chitin. The chitin in Lion's mane, reishi and chaga mushrooms surround the cells making the nutrients in the cell essentially inaccessible to the body. 

When the mushrooms are extracted through a process of soaking them in ethanol alcohol and boiling them, we make the nutrients bioavailable by releasing them from the chitin.

Q: What if I am unsatisfied with my Vesper Mushrooms Product?

A: If you are unsatisfied with any Vesper product, send it back to us for a replacement product or full refund. Your satisfaction with our products is our top priority.

Q: Is lion's mane legal?

A: Yes! All of our products are extracted from mushrooms which are totally legal to use as they are non-psychoactive so they don't come from controlled substances.

Q: I heard that Vesper uses only the mushroom fruiting body and not mycelium in the extract. Why is this important?

A: The fruiting body of the mushroom has more potent stores of all of the beneficial nutrients we are looking for in the mushrooms. The fruit body is also more pure than mycelium extracts as it does not contain any of the growing medium or by-products from it.

Q: I am forgetful. How can I be sure I’ll receive my Vesper Mushrooms products every month?

A: We have options on our site to subscribe and save. When you go to check out, just click subscribe and save with your favorite Vesper products in your cart and it will become a recurring monthly order!

Q: There is ethanol in the extract. Why is that and how much is it?

A: One serving of extract is 2ml. The amount of alcohol in that serving is about 0.6ml. This is roughly equivalent to the alcohol contained in about 1/30th of a pint of beer. This very small quantity of alcohol which has no intoxicating effects is used to extract and make soluble the beneficial compound in the mushrooms like antioxidants.

In the US, the standard alcoholic beverage contains 14g of alcohol which is over 20 times what would be consumed in a serving of our liquid mushroom extract. 

The amount in our extract is the limit of what is generally considered to be safe for consumption. Still, if you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of using mushroom extracts or other mushroom superfood products, you should speak with your physician before use.

Q: What is in each bottle?

A: the fruiting body of the mushroom, organic ethanol alcohol for extraction, and wild picked local huckleberry extract for vitamin C to help boost intake of nutrients.

Q: Can I mix reishi with cordyceps without messing up my sleep?

A: Yes, reishi does not make you drowsy like melatonin, it just calms down your cortisol and anxiety levels so that it is ready to get restful sleep.

Q: When/how should I take it?

A:  Cordyceps should be taken when you want energy. The others can be taken any time since they build up in your system. 

They can be taken any way you want. Straight under the tongue or mixed into any beverage. It is water-soluble so the extract blends nicely.

Q: What is the extraction process?

A: We grow the mushrooms (except for chaga which needs to be wild-harvested), we dry them out, soak them in ethanol and heat them in distilled water to draw out the nutrients.

Grown and Extracted Here

Steps A-Z, all done in house in Oregon, USA.