Mushrooms Cleveland, Mushrooms Cincinnati

Vesper Mushrooms in Ohio - Our Time to Shine in Cleveland and Cincinnati

At Vesper Mushrooms, we are grateful to have experienced a lot of growth and evolution over the last couple of years. Part of our growth has come from meeting people face to face to tell them about the work we are doing to perfect functional mushroom extracts and their many benefits.

We have long had a strong market presence in Ohio, primarily in the Cleveland and Cincinnati metro areas. This last holiday season, we decided it was time to meet the people of Ohio face to face to tell them about mushrooms, Vesper Mushrooms and our shop The MushRoomPDX. We had 2 events that in Ohio, the Cleveland Christmas Connection and the Greater Cincinnati Christmas Show.

We were excited to meet all of you in Ohio face to face and we set off with our supplies.

First came the Cincinnati show. Jake, co-owner of Vesper was there to represent us in Cincinnati. The Cincinnati crowd was extremely receptive to mushrooms and were excited to hear about our mushroom shop. Cincinnatians are conscious of their bodies and they made that evident by their ready interest in hearing the benefits of functional mushrooms. The Cincinnati market is ready and excited for mushrooms and we are excited to be part of bringing it to them.

Coming back with great reports of his time at the Cincinnati show, Jake assured us that Ohio is a ready and burgeoning mushroom market.

Excited with this new sense of readiness, Hunter set off for the Cleveland show. The cleveland mushroom market is unique as there are numerous herbalists and naturopaths that sell from brick and mortar shops in Cleveland. We have met a number of these people and were confident in what we could do to share the benefits of mushroom extracts with the people of Cleveland. 

Upon the start of the event at the legendary I-X Center in Cleveland, Hunter was ready and excited to share about our mushroom shop to Cleveland and the benefits of mushroom extracts. 

The show started slower than anticipated. We started to get nervous that maybe what we discovered about the Cincinnati market's readiness to learn about mushrooms wasn't necessarily true of Cleveland as well. After a slow start, trying everything possible to get people to slow down and chat mushrooms. 

A lion's mane here and a Pink Freud there, the event simply wasn't moving at the pace that we had hoped. Where Hunter was positioned at the event, it seemed like we just weren't very visible.

Partway through the second morning of the event, Hunter knew it was time for a change to add a spark for the rest of the event. After moving to a different area of the event that was much more visible to the people of Cleveland and just like that, things took a turn for the better! Clevelanders were amazingly receptive to our message when we were more out in the open.

Things started moving a lot more quickly and we talked shop with hundreds and hundreds of Clevelanders about mushrooms.

Functional mushrooms are good for everyone. People see benefits in myriad areas of life and that goes for people everywhere, all the time. We are so grateful that we had success in Ohio at sharing these amazing organisms with many people. 

This is just a start for us as we already have plans to share mushrooms with people of Ohio and all around the country. Look for us in your area or reach out to us and we will make arrangements to get to where you are!