LIMITED EDITION Maitake Liquid Double Extract with Wild Huckleberries (2oz./60ML)
LIMITED EDITION Maitake Liquid Double Extract with Wild Huckleberries (2oz./60ML)

LIMITED EDITION Maitake Liquid Double Extract with Wild Huckleberries (2oz./60ML)

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Description of LIMITED EDITION Maitake Liquid Double Extract with Wild Huckleberries (2oz./60ML)

Maitake Liquid Double Extract with Wild Huckleberries (2oz./60ML)


METABOLIC SUPPORT: Embrace the potential for improved metabolic well-being with the aid of Maitake. Emerging research suggests that Maitake may contribute to balanced metabolism, assisting your body in efficiently processing nutrients and promoting a healthier overall constitution.

COGNITIVE VITALITY: Discover renewed mental vigor with the support of Maitake. Preliminary studies propose that Maitake could play a role in enhancing cognitive function and promoting brain health. Embrace sharper focus, mental clarity, and a brighter outlook on life.

IMMUNE EMPOWERMENT: Fortify your body's defenses with the immune-enhancing potency of Maitake. Rooted in its immunomodulatory effects, this extract can stimulate your immune system, empowering it to respond robustly to potential challenges. Strengthen your body's natural safeguards and approach each day with a shield of resilience.

PURE EXCELLENCE: Our Maitake Extract is sourced exclusively from meticulously nurtured maitake fruiting bodies, cultivated under controlled conditions for optimal potency. We leave no stone unturned in nurturing these mushrooms with the finest organic compounds available. Every drop of our extract captures the quintessence of nature's finest, delivering a product you can trust.

BASED IN SCIENCE: Maitake's potential advantages have attracted significant scientific interest, and our extract encapsulates the concentrated essence of these benefits. By incorporating our Maitake Extract into your wellness ritual, you harness the legacy of time-honored wisdom and embrace a holistic path to well-being.

ELEVATE YOUR WELLNESS JOURNEY: Elevate your self-care routine with Maitake Extract as your foundation. Experience the transformative potential of balanced metabolism, heightened cognitive function, and a fortified immune system. Elevate your well-being and welcome the vitality that comes with nurturing your body and spirit.

Rediscover vitality, cognitive sharpness, and inner harmony with our premium Maitake Extract. Harness the ancient wisdom of this treasure in a modern form and embark on a journey toward enhanced well-being. Your pursuit of a healthier, more empowered you starts right here. 


Vesper liquid extracts are created through a double extraction process, which utilizes both alcohol and simmering water to extract nutrients from the cells of the mushroom. Our liquid extracts also contain wild picked huckleberries. These are high in vitamin C and increase the bio-availability of the extract. 

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