The Mushroom Mission

Elevating Life with Mushrooms

The mission of Vesper Mushrooms has remained the same since our beginnings as a company. We have aimed to Elevate Life with mushrooms by offering the highest quality functional mushroom extract products available.

All USA, grown and extracted in the North West, we are proudly here to stay.

Elevating Life

A mission that is more than a statement.

Jake and Hunter started Vesper Mushrooms with a mission in mind. Elevating life with the power of mushrooms has been the aim from the start and we wouldn't be able to carry out that mission without you, the customer. Thank you for being here.

Remembering our roots

Originally from Utah, Jake and Hunter pay homage to their roots with Vesper

The brand itself and our goal to operate Vesper in a way that honors the natural world are only a couple of ways we keep home close.

The high desert of the Rocky Mountain West is as fragile an ecosystem as any other. Filled to the brim with natural beauty, even a small human influence is extremely evident in the ecosystem of that mystical region.

Recognizing this impact has informed the way we operate, from producing our product to the package arriving in your mailbox, we are considerate of our impact and seek to minimize it every step along the way.


We send our products in compostable mailers and use totally compostable, packaging.

Whether you compost your Vesper packaging in your own garden, send it to be recycled or it ends up in a landfill, we rest easy knowing it will soon exist as food for fungi!

Honeycomb Packing

Protecting your order without adding unnecessary plastics and weight.

The honeycomb wrap we use as an alternative to a larger box or plastic packaging protects your product without while using the minimal amount of materials possible. Also, IT'S COMPOSTABLE!