The MushRoom PDX

The MushRoomPDX Logo, mushroom store in Portland, Oregon

The MushRoomPDX is our first ever storefront location!

We offer your favorite mushroom extract products along with our popular mushroom coffee, grow kits, spores, and our Vesper Gear!


The MushRoomPDX is also our production location. Our goal at The MushRoomPDX is to expose more of our neighbors to the amazing power of mushrooms. Stop by to learn all about what we do!

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Vesper Mushrooms conducts operations, cultivation and production in Portland, OR, USA. The Vesper Mushrooms Full-Spectrum Dual Liquid Mushroom Extracts are the premium mushroom extract on the market. We take pride in offering a pure, American sourced and cultivated product and we do it at a highly competetive pricepoint. 

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