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How to Take Functional Mushroom Extract

Vesper Mushrooms liquid mushroom extracts are not only more effective as a functional mushroom superfood than the common alternatives but they can be used in any way that is convenient to you. Our extracts can be taken straight under the tongue if you are staying healthy on the go but they're also water soluble. That means you can mix our extracts seamlessly and well-hidden within any beverage of your choosing. Let's explore some of our favorite methods of using mushroom extracts but first, let's clear up a commonly asked question about how much extract you should use!

Our 2 oz products which include our Lion's Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga and Turkey Tail extracts are all recommended at servings of 2ml or 2 droppers full daily. Our Pink Freud and Gold Metal are combos of Lion's Mane and Reishi and Lion's Mane and Cordyceps respectively. It is recommended to take between 3-5 droppers full or 3-4 ml daily. Our Gray Matter Spagyric 5 Mushroom Blend is recommended in amounts of 2-3 droppers full daily.

We're going to look at using the extracts in the 2ml serving sizes for the following examples but any of these methods applies perfectly well to any of the other mushroom extract serving sizes as well.

Navigating the world of functional mushroom extracts unveils a spectrum of approaches to integrate these superfoods into your daily wellness routine. Whether you're seeking a straightforward start or a more intricate blending of flavors, here are some of our favorite methods to embrace the benefits of these liquified mushroom wonders.

1. Straight Down the Hatch: Make your morning move with the quick and direct approach. Administering a serving of functional mushroom extract under the tongue provides a quick and efficient absorption into the bloodstream. This method ensures a rapid functionality of the extract's beneficial compounds, setting the stage for a day grounded in foundational wellness.

All Vesper Mushrooms liquid mushroom extracts are engineered for potency and purity over taste so you might find this method a bit bitter for your palate. If you fall into this camp, you might find yourself better suited to one of the following methods. 

2. Brew Blending: For those of you who savor hot jo in the morning, try seamlessly blending the mushroom extract into your morning brew. The earthy notes of the extract hidden by the robust acidity of coffee creates a balanced fusion that caters to both your taste buds and your well-being. This method offers a subtle and enjoyable way to incorporate a mushroom extract into your daily routine.

So how is it done? Simple, brew your coffee like normal, then drip a couple of droppers full of extract directly into your cup. That's it. And you won't even taste the difference.

3. Fortified Smoothie: Explore the realm of holistic wellness by incorporating functional mushroom extracts into your smoothies. Blend fruits, greens, yogurt, and two droppers full of mushroom extract for a nutrient-packed concoction. This holistic approach mirrors the integration of the entire self, providing not only physical nourishment but also catering to the mental and spiritual aspects of your well-being.

4. Fungi Food: Take your culinary adventures to new healthy heights by infusing functional mushroom extracts into everyday dishes. From stir-fries to pasta sauces, mushroom extract won't add much depth and complexity to your meals in terms of flavor but they certainly will add to the function of your meal. This culinary integration provides an innovative way to elevate your daily dining experience while reaping the benefits of these superfood functional mushrooms.

5. Mindful Mixology: For those who like to kick back with a cocktail, add a kick of mindful function to your revelry. Create elixirs that blend the mushroom extract with your more flavor-forward ingredients, offering a delightful and well-rounded drinking experience. Each sip becomes an intentional step towards a unique and purposeful wellness journey.

As you navigate the diverse ways to incorporate functional mushroom extracts into your routine, the key is to find an approach that resonates with your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you opt for the simplicity of under-the-tongue application, the brewed convenience in your morning coffee, the holistic approach of smoothies, the culinary exploration, or the mixology adventure, each method contributes to a comprehensive and personalized mushroom wellness journey. And let's be honest, they're all extremely easy to execute.

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