Gray Matter 5 Mushroom Blend - Spagyric Triple Extract with Wild Huckleberries (4oz./120ML)

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Description of Gray Matter 5 Mushroom Blend - Spagyric Triple Extract with Wild Huckleberries (4oz./120ML)

Gray Matter 5 Mushroom Liquid Triple Extract with Wild Huckleberries (2oz./60ML)

Gray Matter is our FIRST 5 mushroom blend, triple extracted, powerfully combining the unique and potent properties of all 5 of our mushrooms. Lion's mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi, Turkey Tail all have been studied for unique benefits which they may confer. 

The Mushrooms:

Lion's mane has long been used as a powerful nootropic and new science shows us just how it operates. Lion's mane could be a unique tool for helping your nervous system, including studies indicating the neurons of the brain regenerate and strengthen from lion's mane. According to studies, this may lead to better cognition, focus, memory and many other benefits. 

Chaga is the most powerful antioxidant we know of on Earth. The antioxidants and beta-glucans of Chaga have been studied for their anti-inflammatory properties. 

Cordyceps has long been used as an energy-boosting blood flow and muscle supplement. Studies have shown benefit for athletic performance as well as heart health and many other benefits. 

Reishi is the Queen Mushroom. Studies have shown its benefit for getting better rest, lower anxiety rates and reduced inflammation. It is an immunomodulator and is great for wellness in many applications. 

Turkey Tail has unique properties like PSK and PSP which have been studied as being highly beneficial in fighting tumors among other things. It's also packed with prebiotics which can help with digestive health via the microbiome. 


Our 3rd extraction method which we use exclusively for our Gray Matter extract uses immense heat to break down each mushroom into its bare minerals. From that process, we can take the nutrients from the mushrooms in their most basic and potent form. 

Triple Extraction Process:

Our first ever spagyric extraction takes all of the powerful extraction principles from our mushroom extracts and adds a further, more potent extraction process. 

This extract is made with mushroom fruiting bodies of 5 powerful functional mushrooms, all cultivated or harvested in the USA.  


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Vesper liquid extracts are created through a double extraction process, which utilizes both alcohol and simmering water to extract nutrients from the cells of the mushroom. Our liquid extracts also contain wild picked huckleberries. These are high in vitamin C and increase the bio-availability of the extract. 

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